Our intermediate course is aimed at students who have a basic understanding of Spanish but are yet to achieve the ability to effortlessly form and understand sentences.

Course Summary

No. of Lessons


Lesson duration

1 hour

Age Range




Course Materials Included

  • Activity Book
  • Folder Case & Pen
  • Certificate on completion

Course Syllabus

Communicative Objectives

  • Express happiness, sadness, shame, surprise, worry and explain the reason
  • Form hypothesis about the past
  • Express hope, thank and cheer up
  • Talk about ecological problems and suggest measures to solve them
  • Express causes and consequences
  • Emphasize and reformulate information
  • Express possibility
  • Explain past events and news
  • Transmit what the others have said

Vocabulary Objectives

  • Important moments of our life
  • Feelings
  • Ecology
  • Advertising
  • Mass media

Grammar Objectives

  • Expressions with Subjunctive ¡Qué bien / pena / raro que…! Me alegro / Estoy contento de que… Me duele / disgusta / sorprende que… Me da igual / No me importa que… ¡Cuánto te agradezco que…!
  • Con lo que + indicativo
  • Con lo + adj./adv. + que + indicat.
  • ‘Futuro y condicional compuesto’
  • ‘Hypothesis with Indicativo and Subjuntivo’
  • Verbs with preposition
  • Yo propondría que + Imperf. Subj.
  • ‘Imperativo afirmativo y negativo’
  • Para que + subjuntivo
  • Voz pasiva
  • Indirect and Direct Object pronouns
  • Por and para
  • Estilo indirecto

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